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Grooms marry in same-sex Muslim wedding ceremony to demonstrate worldwide you’ll be gay and Muslim |

Several from UK have married in old-fashioned Muslim attire with what could possibly be the British’s very first same-sex wedding regarding a Muslim individual.

Jahed Choudhury, 24, and Sean Rogan, 19, claim to be initial few getting a same-sex Muslim relationship. The pair got hitched in Islamic dress at a registry workplace in Walsall, western Midlands, on 22 Summer.

The happy couple — who have been collectively since 2015 — hope other homosexual Muslims might find their own wedding and locate the bravery in the future over to their loved ones. They would like to reveal the entire world you’ll be able to end up being gay and Muslim.

“I just hope additional gay Muslims see this nicely,” Choudhury

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. “plus they know that they have support off their homosexual people,” Rogan added.

Choudhury told the

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the guy felt like the “black sheep” of his Bangladeshi Muslim family in which he’d already been repeatedly bullied at school, banned from their mosque, and attacked by other Muslims from their community.

“I endured out like an uncomfortable flash – I never ever liked soccer, we desired seeing style programs on TV. I recall experiencing captured ,” mentioned Choudhury. “It moved throughout college, men and women would spit on me personally, vacant the garbage bins on me personally, give me a call pig and Muslim folks would shout ‘haram’ — that’s a very unpleasant insult in my own vocabulary.”

“it is about revealing people I really don’t care, my family doesn’t want ahead at the time, they just don’t want to notice it, it’s as well awkward for them,” states Choudhury. “i do want to say to everyone checking out the same thing that’s all’s ok – we’re going to reveal depends upon that you can be homosexual and Muslim.”

Same-sex marriages are occurring in britain since March 2014 after rules was passed away by parliament in 2013.

Congrats to your happy pair!

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