Producing safe and high quality work in Georgia.

Construction company Houseacademy was founded in 2015. The company, which is established on hard work, trust and integration of values, which are primary for society. Houseacademy gained trust of consumers. It concentrates on residental building construction. Success gained by Houseacademy from 2015 until today is due to its strong management skills, transparency in financial politics and correct analysis on marketplace. Merging harmoniously with views of Tbilisi, projects created by Houseacademy perfectly align with contemporary standards. Each project aims to make appropriate changes in the lives of people. Our team has a specific approach to each of our consumers in order to change their lives for better and integrate feeling of comfort into their everyday lives. Company employed over 50 people until today. Having resources to create opportunities, Houseacademy is a company operating infrastructure which can improve lives of others.

Our Mission

The mission of Houseacademy is to create product which will be absolutely appropriate for our consumers. We thrive to associate with comfort, modern style, calmness and a cosy environment.

Our Values:

Our values are high quality, affordability, innovation, safety and responsibility. These are the basic values with which our company operates on market and creates acceptable environment for consumers and employers.