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Finished Projects

Houseacademy - The first finished project in Vazisubani. Modern, trustworthy, comfortable and neat living space at your disposal.

In Construction

Houseacademy offers you new building project on Moscow Avenue.

Why Us?

Houseacademy is a company with the resources and availabilities to create capital, built and operate infrastructure. This is a company, which can improve your life.

The company created working places. In actual time, there are over 50 people employed in Houseacademy.

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House Academy

Our Mission

The mission of Houseacademy is to create product which will be absolutely appropriate for our consumers. We thrive to associate with comfort, modern style, calmness and a cosy environment.

Our Vision
p> Our vision is to establish Houseacademy as a safe and high quality production developer all over Georgia.

Our Values

Our values are high quality, affordability, innovation, safety and responsibility. These are the basic values with which our company operates on market and creates acceptable environment for consumers and employers.


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